Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET)
The mission of the LCPS Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET) is to provide an
academic environment where students can explore multiple program pathways for advanced
STEM coursework while having the opportunity to pursue a rich, well-rounded high school
experience. Students at the AET will deepen their knowledge, skills and habits of mind in the
STEM fields. They will have the opportunity to participate in integrated, collaborative STEM
focused programs across the AET and stay fully involved in their home high school academic
and co-curricular activities.
AET pathways are built around integrated STEM course work that begins in a student’s 9th grade
year and continues in 10th grade. AET pathways blend science, technology, engineering and
mathematics content in integrated courses that allow students to focus on STEM fields and
attain multiple credits in an accelerated timeframe.
AET students are selected through an application process. Rising 9th grade students with an
interest in STEM will be eligible to apply. A selection committee will meet to determine which
students will be offered a slot for the following academic year. Selection is based upon the
following criteria: student interest in STEM fields, quality of application content, academic
achievement, discipline, attendance, and teacher and counselor recommendations. Students
entering the AET as 9th graders must commit to a two year AET course of study. Students who
have not completed Algebra I before entering the AET will be required to participate in Algebra
“Boot Camp” in the summer prior to entering the AET.

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