Kolappa Resume

Problem solving
Enthusiasm to learn
Willingness to help others

September 2014 – Present Day
Boy Scouts of America, Fairfax and Loudoun – Participating Scout
In Scouts, I learned many worthwhile teamwork skills, life skills, and problem solving skills
I have earned the robotics merit badge and I have built a few robots for this class
I earned the engineering merit badge and learned all about objects of engineering

September 2019 – Present Day
Middle School Engineering class and Stone Bridge High School Engineering Courses – Student
My middle schools both had engineering classes. My first middle school had an engineering class that taught us how to utilize Autodesk inventor and we used that to design many small objects and gadgets
My Second Middle school had a robotics class where we learned to code and we also built vex style robots that moved around and did small tasks

September 2019 – December 2019
FTC Competitor – Lead Designer and Human Player
My first robotics competition
I had almost no experience beforehand, but I still managed to work with the team on several fronts, and even managed to a leadership position in the team, where I organized what people were working on
I also served as the scribe and documented every meeting
Our team also managed to get all the way to the semifinals, which was impressive, considering we were all middle schoolers playing against mostly high school juniors and seniors
This paved the way for my second robotics experience

September 2019 – July 2020
FTC Independent Team – COVID Era- Lead Designer and Human Player
I was on an independent FTC team that taught us many skills in robotics like programming, part identification and planning our projects ahead of time
We met on and off for almost 10 months and learned a lot about the different aspects of engineering
This was around the time when I realized that robotics would have a big place in our lives in the near future because of all the shipping issues that the lockdown entailed
I was thinking in the sense that since a simple pandemic could shut down our daily lives in this way, we should invest our human capital into engineering solutions to serve as protection in case something like this ever happens again

September 2021 – August 2022
VEX Competitor – Lead Engineer and Human Player
My second robotics competition
We worked on the robot incredibly hard, with a harder goal in mind
We were given the robots only 2-3 weeks before the competition
We were also given almost a quarter of the players we had in the FTC competition to work with
We also made it to the Semifinals in Maryland on our final competition

August 2022 – present day
VEX Leader- Lead Engineer, Human Player, Team Leader and Club President
My third robotics competition
Led a team of 3 members to build a VEX robot incorporating new designs such as a shooter and intake system within time and part constraints.
We were given the parts to build our robot only 2-3 weeks before the competition this year as well
Managed a secondary team that made it to States.
We had a team of 3 people once more
Made it to the semifinals in 2 out of 3 competitions
August 2012 – June 2019
Union Mill Elementary School
August 2019 – June 2020
Liberty Middle School
August 2020 – June 2021
Trailside Middle School
August 2021- Present Day
Stone Bridge High School